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The Function And Duties Of US Marshals In The Criminal Justice Field

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The United States Marshals Service is a federal law enforcement agency that protects the federal courts and its personnel. It is the oldest law enforcement agency in the United States.

In this post, I will elaborate on the role and duties the US Marshals Service and its agents play in the criminal justice field. In no certain order of value, they are:

1. US Marshals safeguard the federal courts. There are about 400 federal courts. It is the duty of US Marshals to monitor these court homes. They do this via installing and monitoring security systems, like surveillance cameras.

2. The US Marshals Service and its agents safeguard federal judges. There are about 2000 federal judges. It is the duty of US Marshals to shield these judges.

There are federal circumstances that are just high threat. Just imagine the federal judges that try terrorists. These judges are at high threat due to the fact you never ever know what these terrorists and their counterparts are capable of. Some of them might even have the notion of threatening or killing these judges if judgment does not go their way.

3. It is the duty and role of US Marshals to enforce the decisions handed down by federal judges. The Civil Rights instances are a perfect instance of this. It was the US Marshals that escorted black students to white schools in the South when the Supreme Court ruled against segregation of schools.

4. It is the role and duty of the US Marshals Service and its agents to defend witnesses in federal cases. As I mentioned above, some trials are just too higher danger. So significantly so that witnesses to these trials can be in danger. Just becoming a witness in such trials can lead to people trying to harm you in way or the other.

The US Marshals need to make certain this does not take place. They will escort such witnesses throughout the trial. And in extreme situations following the trial, they have to place the witnesses into their witness protection system. This can consist of altering the identity of the witnesses and relocating the witnesses to a completely different element of the country.

5. US Marshals play the function of tracking down and arresting federal fugitives from the law. This does not want a lot of explanation. Basically put, there are criminals that run when law enforcement agents attempt to arrest them. It is the duty of US Marshals to apprehend them and bring them to justice. They even help state and regional authorities apprehend state and neighborhood fugitives.

As you can see, the role and duties of US Marshals are plenty. I have by no indicates covered all of them. But, it is challenging to do an exhaustive coverage in such a quick report.

If you are interested in becoming a US Marshal, I suggest you appear into this additional. You can do so by visiting internet sites that cover this career opportunity in a lot more detail.

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