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Top five Attractive Bikini Vacation Destinations

Now that it is December, the temperature is dropping and we are starting to drop that perpetual summer time feeling. Why not devote your vacation somewhere exactly where the sun is nevertheless out and the beaches are paradise even in the course of the winter? It seems like the celebrities have it appropriate by heading for warmer climate for the duration of the holidays, and while we all might not have a private yacht or jet to get us there, we can nonetheless enjoy a nice sunny holiday at a single of these prime 5 attractive bikini destinations!

This initial bikini destination tops my private list of favored locations to head in the course of the winter! Cabo San Lucas in Baja California, Mexico is also a celebrity preferred, when it comes to getting away for a small vacation. Cabo has it’s share of enjoyable activities like snorkeling and parasailing, but if you want to get a tiny R&ampR right after the holiday hustle and bustle then you will enjoy all of the incredible spas and tranquil resorts. The Guilty Pleasure Bikini is just the suit to pack for your trip to Cabo, with a bright coral colour and some entertaining gold chain detail, this sexy bikini is ideal for a beach fiesta or just sipping margaritas by the pool!

If you are really looking for the ultimate celebrity getaway spot this holiday, then look no further than St. Barts in the French Caribbean. The gorgeous beaches and blue water are enough to make me want to head to this tropical island, but St. Barts is also known for it’s luxury accommodations. If you are going to head to this sexy bikini location, then you will want to look the component in your designer swimwear. Grab the Wealthy Girl White Bikini, with gold and rhinestone hardware, this attractive white bikini will have you looking like a celeb for certain!

Yet another perfect location to go if you are seeking for warmer climate is Western Australia. Their summer season is in full swing proper now, so there won’t be any shortage of sun and the snorkeling in this region is as very good as it gets! When choosing your attractive luxury swimwear for a trip down below, you must certainly opt for something classic and cute like the Irresistible Bikini. The Aussies have a extremely laid back, but exciting style so you will match right in with this attractive swimsuit.

Most likely 1 of the sexiest bikini destinations you can decide on this vacation has to be Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. They never call it a brazilian cut for absolutely nothing! The bikinis here are constantly sexy and enjoyable, but particularly with carnival happening by way of February. The only option for the excellent Rio swimsuit is the Red Hot Bikini, with rhinestone hardware and red that pops, you will stand out in the large carnival crowd.

We could not leave out the beautiful beaches of Barbados on a list of sexy bikini destinations. It is no secret exactly where one of our favourite celebs, Rihanna is from and how lucky is she? Barbados has it all with beautiful white sand beaches, clear water and a exciting and festive atmosphere. The excellent spot to discover or just get some sun on the sand. We usually see Rihanna in fun monokinis when she visits Barbados, so why not stick to in her footsteps with the Deja Vu Monokini? This sexy suit is each entertaining and attractive with some definite celebrity style.

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