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7 Factors Why You Ought to Not Attend A Women’s Surf Camp

For all you girls huddled somewhere cold and landlocked, here are some fabulous causes why you must never ever, ever feel of going on a women’s surf camp. I mean, seriously, why would you want to go to a women’s surf camp when you can keep on your couch in your living room carrying out the exact same old, same old? These old reruns on Television are quite riveting aren’t they? I personally adore the believed of watching Pals again, proper from the quite beginning.

Who desires to get on a plane and go someplace good and warm and tropical? Who wants to participate in a women’s surf camp week with yoga? If I haven’t managed to convince you yet that your next holiday need to be spent in your living area, preferably still cooking meals and cleaning for the rest of the household, then here are some other excellent factors to not attend a women’s surf camp.

1. You Will Get In Shape.
Who desires to shed a few pounds and shape up? What a horrible believed! I type of like my flabby bits on display in my bikini. Getting toned muscle tissues and a fantastic physique is certainly not on my agenda. I undoubtedly would not want to wow all my close friends with a new figure and excellent searching arms. I welcome the middle age spread and the couch butt, even if I am not middle aged however. Going to a women’s surf camp and performing surf and yoga for a week could actually banish some of that cellulite. Does not ironing assist with flabby arms?

2. You Will Make New Pals.
Who has time for new close friends? Who demands new friends? Specifically ones with related interests. What a drag possessing a lot more men and women to e-mail Christmas and birthday cards to. Envision having a new set of friends who would like to go to the same sort of places as you for your subsequent vacation.

3. You Might Quit Your Job.
Aren’t you pleased complaining about your boring job and your awful boss? Why would you want to go to a women’s surf camp and threat being inspired to modify your life? I recommend sticking with the terrible job and becoming miserable. I mean, how a lot of much more years prior to retirement? What have you got to drop?

four. All your Vacations Will Be Surf vacations.
Once you get the surfing bug you will want to travel to areas with beaches and sun and surf. Why would you want to place oneself by means of that sort of misery? Exactly where would you rather getaway, Hawaii surf or cloudy London? Why would you want to pack a bikini in your luggage when you can just as very easily force in a rain coat, umbrella and thermal underwear? Spending the rest of your life in surfing areas sounds really grim. As well much nice warm sparkling blue water for me. Give me smog, clouds and crowds any day.

5. You Will Get A Leash Tan.
How inconvenient. That strip of white skin around your ankle that proves you have been off at a women’s surf camp and having enjoyable. People may possibly believe you know how to surf.

6. You May Develop A New Interest.
Isn’t your day currently complete enough with cooking and cleaning for other people? Why would you want to have an interest of your personal? Don’t you have some shirts you can mend or some ironing to do? Multi-skilled ladies are not meant to be self indulgent creatures with their very own hobbies. You may well begin obtaining inspired to do other issues outdoors the property.

7. You May possibly Not Want to Ever Go Home
You could simply get pleasure from yourself. Who requirements to chill out? Who requirements to be self indulgent whilst they get their massage? Who wants a person else to cook them three nutritious meals daily? Why would you go to a women’s surf camp for all those things when you can effortlessly cook, clean, shop, and care for other folks? Why would you want to have a break? Specially a getaway involving wellness, surf and yoga.

You can see how disastrous attending a women’s surf camp could be for your physical, mental health and properly-being. Obtaining somebody else cook you three nutritious meals day-to-day, taking surf lessons, getting a massage and practicing yoga every day can be a bit much. Stay at house and catch up on the ironing (and the housework, and the reruns). Leave the women’s surf camp for someone else. The palm trees are not beckoning you, that is your boss, companion, and day to day life calling you. Are you going to answer?

Me-Shell Mijangos, an ex-professional snowboarder, left the corporate planet of NYC to stick to her bliss in Maui, Hawaii. She is the founder of an all inclusive women’s surf camp known as SwellWomen. Two years ago, she started SwellCo-ed, a Surf and Yoga Experience for girls, guys and couples. She hopes to surf with you in paradise soon!

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